(Roundtable) Who’s Measuring What – Tarek Khodr 

On this round of "Who's Measuring What" we will chat with Tarek Khodr of Autodesk. Autodesk has one of the oldest customer communities in our space. We could all be envious of how mature their community is. Come join us to hear the story of the Autodesk community through their numbers!  This is TheCR Network Member event. […]

Birds of a Feather: EU/UK Cohort Meetup

This is a meetup specifically designed for folks that don't have a chance to get facetime with the rest of TheCR Network due to timezones. Do you find yourself only able to attend CR events over dinner? This meetup is designed for you. Bring questions, challenges, and gossip over your lunch hour.  We hope that […]

(Training) Community Fundamentals – Spring Starts

Join us for our updated Guided Training for Community Professionals. We offer this training as a guided cohort experience free for members of the Network twice a year, and the next class is enrolling now.  New to Community Management? Been here a minute but want to level set your knowledge? This course covers all the […]

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