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Whether you're a team of one, are trying to scale your community program or are part of a dynamic group of community practitioners, we offer exclusive access to the tools, models, research, resources, and people you need to be successful.

As a community program owner, you have more on your plate than just the day-to-day success of your community. 

Whatever your current challenge - calculating ROI, cultivating stakeholder support, selling your community to your executives, something else - we can help. 

Are you are tasked with the long term success of your organization's community initiatives? 

We help some of the world's most successful brands get the most out of their community programs. Through thoughtful training, thought leadership and advisory services we can support even the toughest community challenges. 


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We Know Community

The Community Roundtable has spent a decade collaborating with clients to develop proven, practical strategies for community success. Our clients rely on our models, frameworks, research, and expertise to take their communities to the next level. We've never met a community challenge we couldn't handle.

Advisory Services

Are you looking to:

  • Get your team aligned on your community approach?
  • Energize a group of stakeholders and connect the dots from business strategy to community strategy?
  • Facilitate a workshop to generate a community strategy or program plan?

Our community advisory services will help you suceed.

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TheCR Network

TheCR Network is your one-stop resource for best practices, expert advice, actionable case studies, and answers to (almost) every community question you can imagine. We make your job as a community professional a breeze by connecting you to the people and ideas you need - when you need them.

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Community Management Training

Our research shows that investing in professional development for your community team is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your community management.

Our live workshop TheCR Connect, and our on-demand courses, and custom curriculum ensure you have access to the community knowledge you need to be successful. 

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Research and Models

Our research, models, and frameworks are the industry standard for community practitioners to learn, validate and develop winning strategies.

From our annual State of Community Management research to our comprehensive Community Maturity Model and Community Engagement Framework, we empower community practitioners to level up their community expertise.

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Community Resources

Explore our most recent case studies, events, and research for community management practitioners.

Case Study

Member Event


Using a Playbook to Support
Community Manager Success

The Mimecaster Central "Legends" Program rewards the most active community champions who continue to offer Legendary assistance to their peers in their support community.

Learn how developing a training and a comprehensive community primer directly impacted the development of a strong cadre of community professionals at the World Bank Group.

 Download now. 

Developer Communities: What Are They and How Do We Use Them?

"Developer Relations" have been buzzwords in the tech industry for the last few years, but what does the phrase actually mean? And how does it differ from Community Management, Developer Advocacy, Developer Experience, Customer Success, or Developer Evangelism?

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Research Brief:
Calculating Community ROI

In this brief, we will explore a universal formula for capturing the ROI of an engagement behavior at the heart of all successful communities: the value of an answer.

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I've nothing but praise for The Community Roundtable. The must-join roundtable for community professionals.

Jeremiah Owyang

Founder of Catalyst Companies


TheCR Academy course gave me really helpful information on how to get stakeholders to realize the value of engaging in the community.

Marjorie Anderson

Manager, Digital Communities, Project Management Institute


The annual research from @TheCR has, indeed, been a major force for advancing the field. I've used each year's SOCM Report to help educate and move forward our leaders' understanding of community.

Jeff Ross

Community Manager, Humana


Compared to my many other professional membership experiences, TheCR Network has been, by far, the most beneficial and enjoyable.

Joanne Connelly

Senior Learning Consultant, SAP


Getting my team involved with The Community Roundtable has provided incredible ROI, giving them access to research, content, and information they can’t find anywhere else.

J.J. Lovett

Director, Communities, CA Technologies

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Online Communities Propel Engagement

By Shannon Abram | June 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

Communities are central to the human experience. Communities are all around each of us and whether we recognize them explicitly, they have immense influence on our reality, our happiness, and our success. The communities we engage in define norms with which we unconsciously comply, hardwired as we are to acclimate to the social environment around […]

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Q&A from the SOCM 2019 Webinar

By Shannon Abram | June 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

Missed the SOCM 2019 webinar? Access the Archive here. During the SOCM 2019 the audience asked GREAT questions. In case you missed the webinar or were too engrossed in the slides to check out the chat, we’ve saved the Q&A for you. We even added in some answers to questions we didn’t get to during […]

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Ten Years of Community Leadership at TheCR

By Rachel Happe | June 10, 2019 | 0 Comments

I never intended to be an entrepreneur. Today, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary at The Community Roundtable. It seems improbable.  Why DID I agree to start this crazy adventure with Jim Storer? At the time, in 2009, social software was exploding. There was a lot of experimentation going on but no one knew what […]

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Podcast: Conversations with Community Managers – Monique van den Berg

By Shannon Abram | May 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the latest episode in our community management podcast series, “Conversations with Community Managers.” Join TheCR’s Jim Storer and Shannon Abram as they chat with community managers from a variety of industries about their community journey. They ask the community questions you want to know the answers to, including: What’s your best advice for someone just starting out […]

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2019 Edition of the Community Maturity Model

By Rachel Happe | May 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Community Roundtable is 10 years old this spring. One of the first things we did when we started was to create the Community Maturity Model as a way to frame our view of how communities approaches develop over time. The Community Maturity Model serves several critical roles. It: Creates shared expectations about how communities […]

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Open for Submissions: TheCR Awards 2019

By Kelly Schott | May 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

For the fourth year, TheCR Awards are recognizing the excellence in community management that members of TheCR Network share on a daily basis. We see our members sharing incredible community work on Roundtable calls, in discussion threads, and in case studies. We hear stories about how their work challenges them and then we get to […]

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TheCR Connect Big Idea: Lakshmi Balachandra

By Jim Storer | April 29, 2019 | 0 Comments

Lakshmi Balachandra is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College and her research examines the impact of trust, gender and other entrepreneurial characteristics in acquiring early-stage funding. Through our State of Community Management research, we’ve uncovered parallels between a typical community journey, and that of a start-up, so when we started reading Dr. Balachandra’s […]

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Podcast: Conversations with Community Managers – Julie Blutstein

By Shannon Abram | April 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the latest episode in our community management podcast series, “Conversations with Community Managers.” Join TheCR’s Jim Storer and Shannon Abram as they chat with community managers from a variety of industries about their community journey. They ask the community questions you want to know the answers to, including: What’s your best advice for […]

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Community in Action: Front Porch Forum CEO Michael Wood-Lewis to Speak at TheCR Connect 2019

By Jim Storer | April 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

If you’ve attended TheCR Connect in the past you know that we don’t always bring in outside speakers. Some years 100% of our sessions are led by our amazing clients. Other years, the stars align and we have the privilege of sharing amazing ideas from new faces – like last year when Heather McGowan joined […]

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If you attend only one conference for online community professionals…

By Shannon Abram | April 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

This article was written by Jeff Ross, Online Community Manager at Humana Inc. It was originally published here. You can find more from Jeff and connect with him here. In my nearly 9 years of managing an internal online community for a Fortune 60 company, I have had the pleasure of attending and occasionally speaking […]

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