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We've spent a decade working with global community leaders fine-tuning the programs, tactics, and tools that make online communities successful. We've distilled the best of these research-backed resources into individual bundles focused on common community challenges.

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"Nah, I'm good. Plenty of time to do everything!" said no community program owner anywhere, ever. 

You've got a lot on your plate and even with the support of a community team, there aren't enough hours in the day. Access the tools, resources, and research will make your job easier, and make you look like a rockstar.

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2019 Edition of the Community Maturity Model

Case Studies

How can I use gamification to increase community engagement?


Profiles in Community: Designing a Network of Communities


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ROI Calculator

Use this online community ROI calculator to give you a glimpse into the ROI of your online community, using the value of an answer as a key value.


community manager resources

How can I get my executives to
take part in community?

Executive engagement has long been considered a critical element of community growth. Learn common barriers and best practices for engagement.



Now On-Demand:
Community Program Essentials

This course covers key topics in community program management. The course is aimed at professionals looking to grow their community program management skills.




"The CR’s Community Engagement Framework was a revelation for me.
We applied it to our existing social intranet, and it immediately clarified why
some things worked and some hadn’t."


James C. Martin
Shepley Bullfinch


"The Community Fundamentals course gave me some really helpful information as to how to get stakeholders to realize the value of engaging in the community."


Marjorie Anderson
Project Management Institute


"Valuable programming, content creation and curation by dedicated, experienced, professional community leaders is a key differentiator of The Community Roundtable." 


Ted Hopton


"TheCR’s Training has been a great community learning journey for me. I'm already sharing the info with peers."


Aaliyah Miller


“The great thing about the Community Performance Benchmark was how it allowed executives to easily share and demonstrate the success of our community with the leadership team, which was a big win for us!” 


Courtney Zentz


“TheCR Network has been a great resource for me and my team over the past five years. Being able to network with other community professionals is invaluable.”


J.J. Lovett
CA Technologies


“The people behind TheCR are always eager to discuss your needs and schedule calls and events tailored to the interests of TheCR Network members. It’s a valuable group to be a part of.”


Jeff Ross


"The resources The Community Roundtable gives its members are amazing."

Maria Ogneva

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